Coastaire Air Conditioning and Commerical Refrigeration specialises in AIR CONDITIONING REPAIRS in towns from Bermagui to the Border, South Coast of NSW. Our air conditioner experts are available 6 days a week, including holidays, for repair and maintenance of your home’s and business’s central A/C system.

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Coastaire Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration pride ourselves that we can provide effective and efficient operation of your AC system throughout the year. A fully functioning AC System is an integrated factor in creating a pleasant and healthy environment. We service industrial, business and residential premises on the Far South Coast from Bermagui to the Border and everywhere in between.

If you use your AC system on a daily basis during the summer months, this may cause deterioration from it’s everyday use which means that repairs are required. However, at Coastaire Air conditioning & Refrigeration no air conditioning issue is too large or too small for us. Any type of malfunction with your AC system will be easily identified by our expert technicians…so if your unit doesn’t power up, keeps turning off, is leaking or is making a loud noise or a breakdown of any component – the compressor, the condenser coil and fan, the metering device, an expansion valve, the evaporator coil and blower or the chemical refrigerant – can be easily identified by our licensed technicians, and, most frequently, repaired on the spot. To eliminate delays, Our technician’s carry a full line of replacement parts your AC system may need. In some cases we may need to order parts which are not readily available. Should immediate repair not be feasible, we will weigh up your options and provide the most efficient solution for your air conditioning repair in the shortest time possible.

We will find the most efficient solution in the shortest time possible. We will ensure that your AC system unit works at its maximum and optimal level, keeping you cool and keeping your electricity bills low.

In some cases, AC repair is not the most cost-effective option and it may be more economical to replace an inefficient AC system even if it still functions. One of our experienced AC service professionals will be able to provide expert advice how to choose the most efficient AC unit.”